Our Services

We provide a comprehensive range of services to support you and your business.

Server Management

The server, whether it be on-site or cloud based, is the core of your business, responsible for multiple functions, it's the system you rely on. As custodians of your server, we'll make sure the operating system is fully patched and protected from faults. We use monitoring systems to provide us with alerts should there be a problem. Updates and patches will be performed outside your normal working hours so you don't experience any unnecessary downtime. Support Packages

Desktop Support

Your users rely on their desktop systems for productivity and communication. It's therefore essential that these vital systems are kept running and free from time-consuming errors and poor performance. We'll endeavour to make sure all your desktop systems are running to the best of their ability, advising you of the need to consider upgrading or replacing them when necessary. We'll take steps to prevent malware and ensure they're kept up-to-date with the latest updates. Support Packages

Mobile Enablement

Mobile working and the products you choose to do that work on, are fast becoming as essential a platform as your desktop systems. We're here to help ensure your existing services operate with your mobile devices and to offer advanced mobile device management and configuration. We can help you protect your company data while staff are on the move. Support Packages

Network Configuration

Second only to your server, is your network infrastructure. Without it, your data is not protected by your server's backup and disk fault technology and important emails can't be sent or received. We'll make sure we fully document all your networking technology and liaise with service providers on your behalf, should a fault develop. We offer structured data cabling and IP telephony solutions. Support Packages

Remote Working

These days, the office is where you choose to work. We understand that you'll want the ability to continue working when you step out of the building and we'll assist you in provisioning and supporting technologies to enable you to do just that. Our relationships with a host of technology partners, ensures you'll always have access to the latest and best way of working away. Support Packages

Data Protection

The most vital system you have, is the ability to make sure your valuable data is protected in the event of a hardware failure or other unforseen catastrophic event. We'll advise you how best to protect your assets from malware and other forms of data theft. We'll make sure your critical data protection hardware systems are running flawlessly, and we'll advise you on the best method of backing up your data. Depending on your chosen support package, we'll even make sure your backups are off-site and done regularly. Support Packages